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Worker's Compensation



Our goal at Thaxton & Associates is to help our clients achieve the optimal Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating.  We have the expertise necessary to improve an insured’s Experience Modification and/or NCCI Factor via a thorough analysis of the Unit Statistical Filing in their specified State. 

We help with Ownership changes and its affect on the Experience Rating. Many times, Ownership percentages change hands and the information gets forwarded to the bureau incorrectly, which results in increased insurance costs. We help file the 601 forms properly to achieve results most beneficial to our client.



Thaxton & Associates has experienced staff who manage the claims from the time an injury occurs until the claim has been settled and closed. We keep our insured’s informed of any changes in these claims through our quarterly analysis.  With constant open communication between the insured and the carrier we are able to offer critical information that might not otherwise be discovered.



Workers Compensation fraud is a felony and is not only committed by employees but also by white collar criminals such as Doctors and Lawyers.  We take our clients report of fraud very seriously and provide assistance in the investigation and resolution of these matters.


Through our years of experience and networking we have established relationships with Legal Firms who specialize in Franchise Automobile Dealerships.  These firms have expertise in counseling, representing, and most of all solving our clients issues to insure their business is protected with every transaction.



Thaxton & Associates performs regular Claims Meetings with the insurance carriers prior to the Unit Statistical filing.  It is imperative to review the opened and closed claims with the particular Insurance Carriers for accuracy to guarantee a correct Experience Rating from the WCIRB.



Thaxton & Associates has established relationships with companies that specialize in the immediate medical attention of a work related injury. These Medical Providers can help with the assessment/management of an employees work related injury and offer the correct direction of treatment at the onset of an injury.  By offering this service, claims cost can be reduced and claims can be closed in a more efficient manner.

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