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Michael T. Thaxton

Founder and President

Thaxton & Associates (T&A) was founded in 1999 by Michael T. Thaxton, an economics graduate of Amherst College. His goal was to provide a full range of insurance and related services to the automotive market. Mr. Thaxton has over 25 years experience in the finance and insurance sectors - working for companies such as GE Capital and John Deere Insurance. From 1995-1999, he was the top salesperson in the country while with John Deere Insurance - selling property & casualty insurance products to the automotive market. When John Deere Insurance sold its business to Sentry Insurance in June of 1999, Mr. Thaxton decided to leave and start his own brokerage company that could provide one-stop insurance shopping to the same niche automotive market.

Today, T&A is the leading U.S. broker of garage liability insurance. T&A manages over 200 franchises and insures more of the top 125 dealers in the United States than any other retail broker. Geographically, our franchise dealers range from Hawaii to Florida and from Massachusetts to Washington State. These insured dealerships collectively sell more than 500,000 vehicles per year and generate over $10 billion in annual combined sales revenue.

As our growth strategy continues, we are expanding aggressively, coast to coast, into this niche automotive market. This market values broker who can guide clients into a full range of products and services including property & casualty insurance, workers compensation insurance, risk management, employee benefits, retirement services, and aftermarket products. Our mission is to provide sound guidance and long-term value in partnership with the top carriers in America. 

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